Cure for Boils Guide – Pottermore Walkthrough Cheats

Are you trying to brew up the Cure for Boils potion? Well I have a step by step guide just for that which will walk you through the whole process beginning with purchasing the ingredients! Follow it and I bet you will brew the potion your first try!

To start off, you need to first get to the potions page. We are going to be brewing the Cure for Boils potion so we need the ingredients listed next to it. The ingredients we need are Horned Slugs, Porcupine Quills and Snake Fangs. If you already have all the ingredients, perfect, otherwise you need to hit the buy button next to the ingredients you do not have to go to Diagon Alley and buy them!

After you have bought all of your ingredients, return to the potions page and hit the “brew this potion” button under the Cure for Boils potion.

Once you have hit that button, you will be taken to a page where you need to choose what cauldron you are going to use. Each cauldron takes different times for potions to brew so pick the best one if you have more then one. Otherwise click on the one that you have and hit the “Get Started” button.

Pottermore will then show you the ingredients that are going to be taken from you to brew this potion. Go ahead and hit the continue button to begin brewing!

Now you will be shown the instructions of how to brew the Cure for Boils potion. Read through this carefully before you begin so that you know what you are going to be doing. Remember, you are timed during this and if you run out of time you will fail and will have to start over! Also, do look at the pictures on the left of your instructions book to know what ingredient goes with what on the table!

So let’s begin. First we need to add 6 Snake Fangs to your the mortar. When you drag and drop Snake Fangs from the bag, which is the closest bag to your cauldron, they will be dropped in three’s. This means you only need to drop two measurements of Snake Fangs into your mortar. Once you have done that you need to crush them into powder. Click on your crusher until the meter has turned green.

Once your meter has turned green, you need to add 4 measurements of the crushed Snake Fangs to your cauldron. Drag and drop the powder from your mortar into your cauldron 4 times. Now you need to heat your cauldron. Click the red button under your cauldron until the meter turns green. Once your meter is green you need to hit the orange button and wait 10 seconds.

Once the ten seconds is up, you now need to wave your wand one time. After your wand has been waved, you will need to wait the time that is given to you. If you have trouble funding your wand on the table, check out the picture below for an idea as to where it is.

Once your waiting period is up it is time to finish brewing your potion. You should now be looking at the second part of the instructions. Read them carefully so that you know what you need to do and so that you can do it quickly.

First you need to add 4 Horned Slugs to your cauldron. These are just the slugs laying on the table next to it. After you have done that you need to add 2 Porcupine Quills to your cauldron. This are the long needle like things on the right side of your Horned Slugs. After you have added those you need to stir your mixture 5 times in a clockwise direction! To finish the potion off simply wave your wand one time!


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