Pottermore Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide

After Completing Chapter One, The Boy Who Lived, it is time to start Chapter Two! This chapter is called The Vanishing Glass. To get into it, you just need to click the right arrow on the bottom of your screen like in the image below. Once you have done that we can continue the Harry Potter story.

This part of the story takes place when Harry is 10 years old. There are two moments that we get to explore within this chapter. The first is called The Cupboard under the Stairs and the second is The Trip to the Zoo. If you have not already noticed we are following the first book and movie very closely! To begin, hit the “Explore Chapter 2″ button.

So when you first get to The Cupboard Under the Stairs you will hear some talking in the background. I could not understand it so I just ignored it! Anyway, there was nothing to click on or find in the first layer but zoom in one time and we will find a few new and interesting things. First, do you see a little string hanging from the ceiling of the closet? Well move your mouse over it and the light will turn on! After you have got the light on you can move your mouse over the numbers just past the light bulb and they will move! Pretty cool huh!?

Now let’s get to the hidden stuff! Move your mouse over the clock on the ground and it should get highlighted in purple. Click on it. There you go! You can now add the alarm clock to your trunk by clicking the “collect” button.

After you get the alarm clock now hover your mouse over the picture that is sitting on the stand just outside the closet. It should get highlighter purple and once this happens, click on it! You have unlocked some new writing from J.K. Rowling herself! Click the “New From J.K. Rowling” button to check it out.

Read about this for awhile if you want otherwise exit out and let’s move on with the story! I did not find anything when I zoomed in a second time so that should be it for The Cupboard Under the Stairs. Click the right arrow on the bottom of the screen to get to the next moment of Chapter 2.

You should now be at the Zoo! In the background you should here lights flickering, water running and also someone walking. On the first layer if you move your mouse over the window on your left the light will flicker. That is all I found in the first layer so now zoom in one time and let’s see what we can find. On this layer if you move your mouse over the tree in the cage on your right a little lizard will walk up the tree!

Now zoom in one last time and this is where the secrets lie! First, move your mouse over the huge snake right in the middle of your screen! It will Lift and bob its head at you will slipping its tongue in and out. Keep your mouse hovered over him for a few seconds and something will happen! Pretty neat don’t you think!? The glass in front of the snake should have disappeared! After you have done that move your mouse over the poster on the wall with the picture of that snake. It should then be highlighted in purple. Click on it to read a bit more about the Boa Constrictor!

That’s it for Chapter Two! You have now completed everything and can finish up. Click the right arrow on the bottom of your screen to end the chapter. I hope this guide was helpful and that you will check out the rest the site for more cheats on guides for Pottermore!

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