Pottermore Chapter 5 Walkthrough Guide – Book 1

Chapter Five of Book 1 within Pottermore is called Diagon Alley. This is mostly about Harry getting everything he needs to finally go to Hogwart’s. There are four different moments that we get to explore within this chapter. They are called  Arriving at Diagon Alley, Harry and Hagrid Visit Gringotts, Harry Goes Shopping and Olivanders. You can look forward to Harry getting is money, owl, wand and everything else he need to become a true wizard! Hit the “Explore Chapter 5″ button to begin your journey with Harry.

When you arrive at the first moment in this chapter you should be looking down a street full of wizards and witches. You should here people talking in the background as well as a door bell jingling. In the first layer there is only one thing that I found you can do. If you look at the third building down on your left hand side, you can move your mouse over the top window and it will light up while making a sound like you are brewing a potion! Go ahead and zoom into the next layer after you have done that. On this layer there is only one thing to check out. If you look on the left of your screen and count down to the fifth building. Hover your mouse over this building and it should then be highlighted in purple. Click on this building to read more about it.

You have discovered Clothing which is exclusive content by J.K. Rowling! Nice work. Click through to read some more about it and when you are done, hit the back button to continue the story. Once you are back to the Diagon Alley page, zoom one time to where you found new content at a minute ago. You should see a letter laying in the middle of the street. Click on this letter to add it to your collection of things!

That is it for this moment in Chapter 5! Click the right arrow on the bottom of the page to go to the next moment which is Harry and Hagrid Visit Gringotts. Once you have landed on this page you should see a key and a lock. Grab the key and drag it into the lock to get into your Gringotts account. The picture below should be what it looks like.

You should have some galleons in your account as you should see. You can look around on this page if you want. This was all you needed to do for this moment of the chapter so when you are done you can go ahead and click the right arrow on the bottom of your screen to go to the next moment which should be “Harry Goes Shopping”.

This is where things get fun! You get to buy everything that you need to attend Hogwarts! Hit the “Go Shopping” button on the left hand side of this page to begin. Once you have done this let’s start buying everything we need. You should be standing on Diagon Alley looking down the street with buildings on both sides of you.

Let’s first go into Potage’s Cauldron Shop which is the first building on the left. Once in the shop choose a cauldron and buy it.

After you have done that you need to exit the shop and then enter Wiseacre’s Wizarding Equipment shop which should be the third shop down on the left. There are 3 things that you need to buy in this shop. A telescope, a brass scale and a glass or crystal phial. So get to it! Buy one of each of these things.

Once you have bought each of these things you can exit this shop and then go into Flourish and Blotts which is the book store and is the first building on your right. You need to buy eight different books here so go ahead and do that now!

After you have bought all of your books you can exit the shop and it is now time to buy your owl, cat or toad! This is completely your choice as to what you want to buy but I myself am going with an owl. You do this at Eeylops Owl Emporium and Magical Menagerie which is the third building down on your right hand side. Choose wisely for this will be your pet forever and you cannot change it!

After you have chosen your pet you need to exit the building and you should have one last thing you need to buy; your wand! Simply click the arrow that is in the middle of the street to do to Diagon Alley South Side to get your wand. We want to go into Ollivanders which is the building dead straight ahead. Click the building to enter. When you get into the building you should get a letter like the one below. Read it and click the “Let Your Wand Choose You” button.

Now it is time to answer some questions in order to allow a wand to choose you! Answer these questions honestly and accurately otherwise your wand will not fit you right! Go ahead and do this and we will pick up after you have answered all seven questions.

When you have finished all seven questions you will come to a page like the one below. If you are not happy with all of you answers then you can go back though and change them. If you are, then click the “Get Your Wand” button to continue and receive your wand finally!

There you go! You should now receive your wand. What does your look like? Mine is in the picture below and I love it!

That is it for chapter 5 of book 1 within Pottermore! How was it for you? I though this was a great experience and we are now ready to become wizards or witches! Come back again for more guides and cheats to help you through your Harry Potter adventure!

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  1. Nifflerseer says:

    I can’t get past chapter 5 and I’ve done all of this! Any ideas?

    • Staff says:

      You need to make sure that you have bought everything you need. Open your Shopping list and make sure everything is crossed out. If not then buy whatever is not crossed out. On what page is it not allowing you to move on?

  2. Nicole says:

    I can’t find the shopping list. When I zoom into the last layer it just shows the tops of the buildings and I can’t see the ground to get the list. Is there a way to scroll down to see the ground?

    • Staff says:

      Try the second layer. The letter may be there instead of the last one. And if you can’t click on the letter from the second layer you should be able to scroll in the third layer.

  3. Ginger says:

    Did anyone get a beech wand? If so, what answers did they get?

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