Pottermore Chapter 15 Walkthrough Guide – Book 1

In Chapter Fifteen of Book One within Pottermore we find ourselves wandering into the Forbidden Forest as a punishment for being out and about when we were not supposed to be! There are two moments here that we are going to explore: Harry Becomes an Outcast and Into the Forbidden Forest. This is a shorter chapter so it won’t take long. When you are ready to begin, go ahead and click on the “Explore Chapter 15″ button.

After you have entered the first moment you should be in the library looking at a table with a book and lamp on it. In the first layer there are a few things we can do. Hover your mouse over the lamp to turn in on making it easier to see. Once you have done that you can hover your mouse over the book in the middle of the table which turns the page. I thought that was pretty cool! Also, if you hover your mouse over the books on the sixth shelf of the bookshelves something pretty cool happens! After you have done all that you can go ahead and click on the gold coin sitting on the table. It is yet another Galleon to add to your collection in your vault.

After you have collected your Galleon, go ahead and zoom into the next layer. I did not find anything here so now you can zoom into the third and final layer of this moment in the chapter. There are two things you can do here. Hovering your mouse over the lamp will turn in on and off. And now for the last thing before we move on. On the window sill all the way to the back of the library there is a card. Click on it to collect it.

Its yet another chocolate frog card! After you have collected it, go ahead and move on to the next moment which is called Into the Forbidden Forest. You should now be in the scary, freaky and dark forest. Hover your mouse around this first layer to explore it a bit. There are a lot of little creatures creeping around! After you have explored a bit, go ahead and click on the mushroom you see towards the left of your screen.

Collect the leaping toadstool and then go ahead and zoom into the second layer of the Forbidden Forest. There are two different objects that we are going to collect within this layer. The picture below will show you where they are!

The first thing, which is on the far left, is some Wolfsbane, hit the “collect” button to add it to your potions. The second thing, which is the white object, is Unicorn Blood. This stuff keeps you alive even when you are on the edge of death and is very powerful! Go ahead and add that t your potions as well.

Now we can zoom into the third and final layer of the Forbidden Forest. There is nothing to collect here but can you see what is going on? The hooded figure that we learned about last chapter had slayed a unicorn and is now drinking its blood. What does this tell us!? I suppose we will find out later in the story! That is it for this chapter. I hope you had fun and the guide helped you out.

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