Pottermore Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide – Book 1

It is time for Chapter Four of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone! This part of the story leaves off right where the last chapter ended when we had just gotten to the hut on the rock. It is called “The Keeper of the Keys” and can you guess who that might be!? It’s Hagrid and let’s find out what he wants! There are two moments within this part of the stort. One is called Hagrid Arrives and the other is called Harry Receives his Letter at Last. To start off, you can read a little bit about what we are going to be exploring and then click the “Explore Chapter 4″ button to begin.

In the first moment you should find yourself in the hut with a light bulb hanging from the sealing and a big shadow if Hagrid in the door way. On the first layer there are two things to check out. The first is the light bulb. Hover your mouse over it to make it swing back and forth. The second thing is a candle stick that you will find on the shelf above the fire place. Hover your mouse over it to make it highlighted in purple and then click on it to add it to your trunk!

After you have added the candle to your trunk, zoom in to the second layer of this moment in the story. There is only one thing to find in this layer and it is the letter that you see on the ground next to the door. Click on the letter to unlock some new writing from J.K. Rowling herself! It is called “Ghost Plots”. Click through to read some more about it and then click the back button to get back to the  Pottermore Chapter 4 book 1.

That should be all for the first moment of this chapter. Click the right arrow to get to the second moment which is called “Harry Receives his Letter at Last”. Once you are at this moment, you should be facing the fireplace and there should be a birthday cake on the couch. you should also hear some creaking and wind in the background.

On the first layer there are a few things you can do. On the fireplace mantel, hover your mouse over the candle sticks to make them go out or light back up. You can also hover your mouse over the light bulb hanging from the ceiling to make it swing back and forth. You should also see a letter on the couch. Click on it to take a closer look!

After you have looked at the letter from Minerva McGonagall, zoom into the second layer. There are four different things you can do on this layer. First, move your mouse over the front door. By doing so, the door will open and slam shut. Next, you can move your mouse over the hot dogs on the fir place to make them sizzle. You can again move your mouse over the candles on the fireplace mantel to make them light up or burn out like in the last layer. The last thing you can do here is collect the tea cup that is sitting on the ground. Hover your mouse over it to make it highlighted in purple and then click on it to collect it into your trunk!

That’s it for Chapter 4! You can now end the chapter and begin Chapter 5 for book one if you so choose! Thanks for checking out my guide and I hope you come back for the rest of the Pottermore guides and tutorials!

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